Welcome to my website. Let me tell you briefly a couple of thoughts I have about therapy and what that is to me. Here you can learn a little bit more about me and what I bring to this work.

I believe this work should work and we should see movement soon. I was trained that we are not seeking what is wrong with people rather we are seeking to understand what restrains them from being and feeling the way they desire. This work can attend to brief/solution focused methods while simultaneously following and liberating the larger, more transpersonal, spirit of one's self.

My clients tend to show up with the experiences they might describe as depression, anxiety, preoccupations or relationship issues. Sometimes they just want to deepen their understanding of who they are or deepen a relationship with another.

In my opinion, if the life force flowing through us is obstructed by stresses, woundings and misconceptions about who we really are or our interior capacity for feeling safe is compromised then we will have the experience of “symptoms”, e.g., anxiety, depression, reactivity, somatic distress, Post Traumatic Stress, etc. The origins of these wounding events may be obvious or insidious.

Usually, a client has some sense of another way they would like to be…even if they can’t quite describe it. Or sometimes people just want to stop hurting or end the repetitious “Groundhog’s Day” –like suffering.

In my opinion, “symptoms” are ways our inner life gets our attention to start healing just like our body uses pain to get us to create the conditions for healing. My role as therapist is to aid in the awareness and then clearing of those things that block that life force.

My intent is to bring my expertise together with my clients' experience of their own lives. We can collaboratively relieve and eliminate emotional and relational patterns of pain. We can soothe and resolve the wrenching awfulness of loss and traumas. One may never forget those woundings and misguiding messages of self but the woundings stop defining who self is. That’s the plan.

I see adults and youth in a solo practice setting. Some clients prefer standing appointments while others prefer to schedule around their own timing and day to day demands. If you have any questions as to how this works or what to expect please call.

-- Mark Gorman, LPC


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